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National Research on Violence and Well-being in Youth

National research on violence and well-being in youth

High-quality research on the topic of youth violence, well-being and connection between the two, are severely lacking in the partner countries of Re-GROUP. The partnership believes that creating such a research will:

– make easier and more accessible thanks to the wide involvement of youth workers in piloting of YGM and the dedication of project partners to this topic;

– be very impactful for future actions not only by project partners, but by all actors in the field of youth and violence prevention in the partner countries, and

– be very valuable for the youth policy framework and future initiatives in this field on a European level.

The Re-GROUP partners have decided to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on the topic of youth violence and well-being, their relationship and outcomes to the lives of youth. Through the research, the partnership will reach out to and engage with a large number of youth and youth workers from the partner countries, examine the realities, moods and attitudes in the field.

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