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Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations

Together with stakeholders in their countries, the project partners draft, discuss and update policy recommendations for different levels of youth work-involved actors. Data- and science-backed, the recommendations are realistic, achievable and aimed overarchingly at the improvement of well-being of the young people in the partner countries.

The target group for the guidelines is mostly policy makers, especially ones in the field of education and youth policies, but also youth workers and educators, which can implement the ones they can from the ground-up, and promote the others, as they have been instrumental in the creation of the policy recommendations in the first place.

Through this document, the project has a long-term impact on the topic of youth well-being and violence is approached, both in the formal and the non-formal sphere.

Furthermore, the recommendations may affect local, national and international law-making in the field of education and youth. To be more accessible and easier to work with, the recommendations are made to be compact in size, and forward to relevant data and findings.

Download Policy Recommendations in EnglishLatvianSpanishBulgarian and Romanian.