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Re-GROUP training course in Zaragoza

In Januaury, Re-GROUP held a training course in Zaragoza (Spain) with partners and participants from the four partner countries: Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain.

This event gave the opportunity to gather a total of 20 participants. During the week-long training course, among other activities, experiences were shared about the workshops with youngsters that had been coordinated in different countries to implement the Youth Group Methodology. Debates were generated that helped identify areas for improvement as well as good practices and success stories.

Throughout their stay, the participants also had the opportunity to do some leisure activities and they visited some of the most emblematic places in the city of Zaragoza, such as the Puente de Piedra, with spectacular views of the Basílica del Pilar.

To end the day, we enjoyed an incredible guided visit to the Ricardo Magdalena public library with the participants of the activity. This building was designed by Ricardo Magdalena, giving its name to the library, and was formerly a slaughterhouse, which has been renovated to be used as a social and cultural space.

We learned a lot about this spectacular place and its modern architecture, which is an example of responsible urbanism.

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